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Dear Business-savvy Leader

Whether you have stumbled upon this page;

  • because you heard about the greatness of doing business with us from a friend
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  • or maybe you are just here by accident

…. however, you got here, It doesn’t matter

Seriously, It doesn’t

The good thing is, you are finally here!,

You are on my website, reading this web page because you want to see your sales for your business explode.

Without wasting much of your time,

I’m going to show you the single most effective way to get more leads and customers for your business than you can possibly handle

Are You Running Your Business Like What 9 Out Of 10 Businesses Are Run?

Man, the way most businesses are being run especially in the sales department is completely wrong

I could care less about any other department in your business

Because to me if you are not thriving in sales, then you are never going to see your business growing

Worse, your business is going to be part of the 90% of businesses that don’t make it to 10 years from the day they are established!

And the reason is pretty simple,

Most businesses are stuck in the old age of advertising;

black friday special offer label

Screaming offers

trying to quickly lure people into doing business with you with a good deal



setting the perception that your prices aren’t fixed causing potential customers to continuously negotiate buying at the lowest price possible



cutting your profits, for an increased work load to compansate for the discount


Hoping & Praying

that customers will miraculously buy huge sums of your products and or services

Let me ask you this,

If you walked up to a beautiful girl (a stranger)

And say to her, “I’m financially stable, everything in my life is great, I can take care of you blablabla, will you marry me?

Do you think that she will say yes?

Of course not

The best reply you can get in that kind of situation is,

“Excuse me, do I know you?” or worse, “Are you crazy?”

But if you walk up to her and say, “Hey, my name is Cletous, what’s your name?”

The chances of connecting with her are very high right. And if you go on several dates

You take her to dinner and all that great relationship stuff

You both get along, and then 1 or 2 years down the line, you say

“Babe, will you marry me?”

Now, because you established a great relationship with her beforehand,

She’s 7 times more likely to say yes, right?

Digital Marketing (i.e selling your products and or services online) to strangers is no different

Here’s What You Should be Doing When Marketing Online Instead

In digital marketing, instead of screaming offers in front of strangers (i.e. asking them to marry you on the first date)

You first do brand awareness campaigns

And in these campaigns instead of trying to make a sale,

You offer loads and loads of valuable information that none of your competitors are willing to give away for FREE!

This is going to build a very good first impression and a relationship with your prospect

Not only that but your prospect will connect with your brand on a far much deeper level

Now, because you are offering a lot of value for FREE compared to your competitors,

Your prospect will crown you as an expert in your industry

When it’s time to ask them to buy your services,

The results will shock you.

Just like as in the case of asking your girlfriend you have been in an exciting relationship with to marry you.

This is just a glimpse of what’s possible if you have a system like this, that suck in more leads for your customers,

and we want to tell you more

If you are reading this web page,

Then you are one of the very few luckiest business owners there ever will exist

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and I know that you are like, wait a minute,

Who The Hell Is Makuruwan Digital Marketing Agency To Make These Claims

cletous ngoma, chairman, founder and chief sales strategist at Makuruwan

Hi there, Cletous here

The Chairman, Founder, and Chief Sales Strategist at Makuruwan Digital Marketing Agency

February 2021, when I established my forex trading academy, MONEY DOWNLOADERS,

I was no different

I was running Facebook ads to my $147-dollar advanced course

Working very hard, trying to convince people why my course was the deal-breaker in the market

Every profit I was making from trading Forex online, I was using all of the money on Facebook advertising

And it was a one-way street

The conversion rates were crazy low no matter how much money I spent on advertising

Increasing Ad spend only resulted in more impressions and link clicks

But course purchases,


It wasn’t happening

failing, downward trend

I had to stop and take multiple courses on marketing

And yes, I have been ripped off by a lot of “Marketing Gurus” scum bags

Selling me the same shit over and over again

Different course name, same course materials

Turns out they were selling me exactly what I had been doing and not seeing results from it

Then I thought to myself,

“Instead of buying more garbage courses, why not use my money to split test my own campaigns and come up with my own findings”

And today, I’m happy to tell you that, I have found the single most-effective way to go out there into the marketplace and deploy a system that will suck in more leads than you can handle like clockwork

Don’t Just Take My Word For It


Here’s What’s Possible

selling system to get an insane amount of leads

as seen from the screenshot above,

Using this system, I have seen a lot of leads for my forex academy Money Downloaders coming in waiting in line to speak with me,

Instead of hoping and praying where my next customer is going to come from,

But hey, I’m not here to brag about my success

Rather, I want to help your revenue for your business skyrocket like never before


We want to prove to you that we really know what we are doing by actually helping you 100% FREE of charge.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The number of people worldwide using the internet is growing insanely whilst traditional media is on a downtrend

digital media vs traditional media usage

So unless we are a bunch of dummies we want to go where our potential clients congregate, which is the internet right?

This is exactly why you should not ignore digital marketing if you want your business to grow

A good digital marketing agency helps you with brand awareness to increase your online presence, perform in-depth market research to find out what your target audience is starving for.

Then deploy strategies to help your business increase conversions and thus make more money.

Instead of doing it alone, with uncertainty and doubt whether your campaigns will give you a positive return on investment (ROI), hiring an agency will be far much better as they probably will have a team of specialists in each important field.

Specialists in web design, analysts, copywriters, just to name a few who have a wide range of skillsets, knowledge, and experience.

Digital marketing basically involves the promotion of a brand to get more customers using the internet.

The field involves but is not limited to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, and Email Marketing.