what is the cost to sell online

Are You Ready To Start Selling Online?

With the exponential growth in online sales, it is rather unwise to stick only to the primitive selling method. If calculations predict that by 2025, the United States retail E-commerce revenue would reach 563 million dollars, and records show that Amazon and eBay only had over 6.5 billion monthly visitors as of April 2021

trend in selling online

…then what on earth is stopping you from having an e-commerce website and sell online. Why is it the richest 1 million companies in the world have an e-commerce website? Were they able to predict that one day the atmosphere would be polluted and people would need to use their credit cards from the comfort of their homes?

What’s The Cost To Sell Online?

what is the cost to sell online

Businesses are not money-creating machines, but they are tools for transferring them from one person to another. The yearly cost for hosting a website with Kinsta is from $300 to $15 000. So unless you are selling peanuts, then $300 would seem like nothing.

Technology is winning the squares every second and it’s simply a matter of time till it checkmates the primitive selling method and we have a world where people sell online.

Let’s have a case study on you.

How many times have you brought an ice cream when that was not part of a budget?

How many times have you bought from a drive-through simply because you just saw it on your way home?

How many drinks have you bought for someone when it wasn’t part of your plan?

buying food at a drive through

the question is Why did you buy it?

it’s simply because YOU HAD THE MONEY.

We usually buy because we have the money, not because we planned to do so.

Honestly, I once bought a wristwatch online not because I wanted it, but simply because I saw the ad and it happened that my visa balance suited its price. I believe you understand that the reason why your business is still running is partly that people don’t plan on what to do with their money.

I will tell you this, 97% of the books which were being sold on Amazon.com when Mr. Bezos decided to sell online were already online for free, but…

People still bought the books and records show that in the first month of its launch, Amazon had already sold books to people in all 50 states and in 45 different countries. Within 30 days, it had generated $20,000 per week in sales.

hooked book

Sites like ebook777.net and Z-library have millions of books, most of which are the top-selling on book stores that sell online.

So if people are willing to pay for things they can download for free online, what more things they cannot get for free?

how an e-commerce website work


The only reason you won’t want to sell online today is simple. FEAR

But if you had the courage to start your business despite the demotivation and risk warnings (I know you have them), why should you fear soaring higher. If you don’t have an E-commerce website and your business is widely known, then stop whatever you are doing and get your hosting and domain now, it`s high time you accelerate.

What can you do with an e-commerce business?

Do you think all the stuff sold on Amazon belongs to Mr. Bezos? if that was so, he wouldn’t be worth a few hundred billion dollars only. But the guy is wise, he uses the bedroom and kitchen and the other rooms are rented.

how to sell on amazon

So you see what else you can do with your Ecommerce website? My message remains the same, get hosting and sell online.

should everyone have an e-commerce website?

In as much as having an E-commerce website is good for you to sell online, it is important to understand that not everyone can have it.

As a website designer, it is my responsibility to advise my client on the type of website that is suited for their business. The most important thing is that you have to know that people will not risk their Account numbers and CVV numbers buying from an unknown business.

how to accept visa and mastercards when you sell online

So unless you are already known and have clients that trust you, the best option is to go for a business marketing website. This website is one where you get people to know you before you can sell online and you build trust before you can start asking for their credit cards.

Generally, an E-commerce website serves two purposes, to sell your products and/ services or to sell someones’ products and/ services.

blogging website as an online selling machine

blogging website as an online selling machine

Have you come across some statements like this:

  1. Timothy Sykes’ eponymous blog is the biggest money-spinner in our list, raking in approximately $1 million per month.
  2. Ferragni launched The Blonde Salad as her personal fashion blog in 2009. Over the course of 12 years, she has grown the blog into a bilingual, international sensation, with multi-million-dollar annual turnover and over 17 million followers.
  3. Melyssa Griffin’s blog is all about how to make money as a blogger. Judging by the fact Griffin ranks as the third-highest-earning blogger on our list, it’s probably fair to say she knows a thing or two about the subject.

Do you think that google pays Tim Sykes for writing blog posts for you to read? He has a trading course on his website, and in order to get access to it, he will make you pay for it. Whatever course you may have and would like to teach, then a blogging website will do the best job for you.

timothy sykes website

what else can a blogging website do?

The so-called affiliate marketing is mainly rooted in the ability to BLOG. An affiliate (you, the blogger) promotes a company’s products or services using a special link that identifies your blog as the traffic source. When a reader clicks on your link or purchases the product you’re promoting, you earn a commission. Essentially, you’re sending leads and traffic to an advertiser or seller’s site, and they pay you for that.

affiliate marketing on a blog

but you are not going to blog on Zuckerburg’s platform. You need a website of your own, with your own domain, with your own professional or business email address.

Are You Not ready To Sell Online? This Is What You Need!

If you are not ready to sell online, then the first thing is to get people to know you. YOU PROBABLY NEED A BUSINESS MARKETING WEBSITE.

If you can get 127 testimonials, then this website is ideal for that hahaha. Because the purpose of this website is to get people to know you not to sell online.

Have you not seen it from starting/arising academies.  They first advertise themselves, then strive to produce the best results for the first group of students enrol. Once they do this, every parent is going to start singing about how this academy produced good results for their child. I tell you this, this academy will no longer need to do much of the convincing that they are a good option to other potentially interested parties because they have gained a lot of trusts already with testimonials

The designing of a Business Marketing Website requires attention to giving a clear description, value proposition, and benefits associated with the prospect of doing business with the company.  So you realize that for this type of website, the HOME page itself should look like an ABOUT US page packed with a lot of features and benefits.

After you build enough testimonials then you can start introducing BUY NOW BUTTONS.


I challenge you today to take a key step in moving your business to the next level. A level where you use a COW HORN formation buys having both an offline and online platform so selling your goods or services. The time we are moving towards requiring us as business people to sell online as our clients are now as well expecting to buy online and avoid delays in queues calls for an e-commerce website.

The share of digital buyers in the United States from 2017 to 2025 tells us that, in 2020, 77.3 percent of the American population purchased goods online. This share is expected to grow to 85.5 percent in 2025. You don’t wanna chase the bus when the driver is now accelerating. Gone are the days when people used to walk to the shop, our clients want smart things, and providing them with such excellent platforms ensures engagement and increased online activity.

When do you expect to start selling your products/services online?

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